Business Domain

Vista Solution Sdn. Bhd. incorporated in Malaysia since 1994, is specialized in providing and implementing Point Of Sales and Barcoding systems. We provide a broad range of computerized business application software and services, specializing in customization software according to our client’s requirements and any other business industry.


With many years of experience in the Point Of Sales and Barcoding industry, our team of experienced, qualified and well-trained personnel is able to provide solutions to any company in any industry that requires a Point Of Sales or Barcoding system.


We at Vista Solution Sdn. Bhd. strive towards meeting the challenge of providing relevant, innovative and effective solutions to retailers, manufacturers, and service-based organizations. To meet these challenges, we are continuously conducting Research & Development and Market Research to enhance our solutions and services. We pledge to continue to bring you the right product to constantly increase your productivity and profitability.


We provide the below services:




Vision Statement

In incorporation of Vista Solution Sdn Bhd, it has always been its vision to provide total quality solutions to the market and ensure that all solutions implemented by Vista Solution Sdn. Bhd. are at the forefront of the Point Of Sales system arena. Vista Solution Sdn. Bhd. builds solutions today for the demanding needs of tomorrow.




Our mission is to provide an attractive range of software designed to assist our customers without burdening them with an overly complex and non-adaptive product. We will achieve this by optimum use of the latest in Point Of Sales and Barcoding technology for maximum efficiency & effectiveness, driven by our enthusiasm, creativity and personalized service.



Company Values

The underlying corporate values underpinning the business approach of Vista Solution Sdn. Bhd. incorporate the following:


Foundational Resultant Benefit Service Feature Legacy
Integrity & Honesty Customer Service Quality Service Credibility
Innovation Excellence Creativity Consistency
Customer Orientation Empowerment Reliability Accessibility
Accuracy Community Benefit    
Commitment Achievement    
Enthusiasm Competitive Edge    
Responsiveness Market Leader